About This Installation

In Color, 2004
Site Specific Installation, Caren Golden Fine Art, NYC
Installation dimensions 10'h x 27'w x 50'd

This Installation is about building with color.  Saturating synthetic sponge with acrylic paint enables the color to penetrate, inhabit and animate a 3-dimensional space.  Unlike previous sculptures, which were assembled wet, most of the pieces in this installation are slabs of sponge that are soaked in paint and assembled when dry.  Like layering color in a painting, these pieces are layered physically by the simple process of stacking.  Layered color also appears on the walls as monotypes made from the sponges themselves.  After the sponge slabs were soaked with color, they were printed onto large sheets of paper, layering the signature of each.  Through multiple overprinting, the dimensionality of the stacks is compressed and condensed into a new completely flat form; a whisper of printed color.  Likewise, the painted and layered sponge cutouts on the wall transform the sponge slabs into a skeletal lace of floating color.  Grouped together, these pieces create a complex dialog of color and physical relationships that shift and change as the viewer moves through the space - enlisting sculpture to create an experience of being on the inside of a painting.