About This Project

A Continuous Thread is a permanent artwork commissioned by the NYC MTA, Arts For Transit and Urban Design.  The project consists of six laminated glass windows on the elevated train platforms; each containing a singular, colorful lace doily 4'h x 10'w.  Meticulously hand drawn, digitally printed, and then laminated between multiple layers of glass, these images create a unique effect of depth and dimension - shifting and changing as the viewer moves across the platform, and as the light changes throughout the day.  In The Shadow Of The Design, a poem by Susan Auld accompanies the artwork.

Located at the 79th Street station of the D train in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, this piece celebrates the historically Italian, and more recently, Asian and Latin American residents that make up this vibrant neighborhood.

Iconic images of home, doilies are passed from one generation to the next - linking past, present, and future; homemade family heirlooms that hold memories and celebrate a sense of comfort and belonging.  As a counterbalance to the industrial landscape of the subway platforms, these epic but very intimate domestic objects, act as visual anchors hovering delicately within the windows; a continuous layering of thread that resonates as home.