Color Cutouts

This on-going body of work continues to develop as I investigate ways to absorb and build with color in space.  In earlier sculptures, I saturated industrial sponges with large quantities of paint. The absorption process enabled the color to penetrate and animate space. Realizing that the structure of sponge is actually three-dimensional lace, I saw a possibility to suspend the color in mid-air by making my own "sponge" out of hand-cut Mylar.  Painted and layered, the lacy sheets become delicate skeletons to hold color.  Like an absorbent sponge, the open pores of the lace create space for the color to move and change.  No longer hidden inside the sponge, the dramatic movement and interaction between the color layers is now in plain view. The sheets glow and shift as the viewer moves around them - patterns dissolving into chaos and then popping back into focus.  Hovering in the threshold between painting and sculpture, the pulsing and often hallucinogenic colors, float out in seductive waves – creating the effect of appearing and disappearing simultaneously.